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The power of breathing

Posted on September 23, 2020 by Michael Boettcher

Many of our patients come to us with back pain. These often occur in the shoulder/neck area or the lower back. The pain is usually triggered by tension or blockages. As a result, they suffer from headaches, loss of concentration, lack of drive and general loss of performance.

In order to release tension and relieve pain, we use various practical healing methods in our practice. However, one important factor should not remain unrecognized: breathing. If breathing becomes overly superficial, the diaphragm remains inactive and the respiratory muscles are put under much greater pressure.

These muscles are basically the assistant to the diaphragm and consist, among others, of muscles in the front neck and chest area and the so-called back extensor muscle. The respiratory assist muscles perform the main part of the respiratory movement. Permanent strain on these muscle groups due to stress, poor posture or lack of movement causes them to tense up.

That is why we also focus on effective breathing when treating pain. Through focused breathing exercises we can reduce stress, encourage muscle regeneration and improve general mobility. In long-term this means more freedom of movement, calmness, quality of life and less pain. To learn more about the power of breathing, book an appointment with us.

Yours Michael Boettcher