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Recharge your mind and body

Performance is like a coin; it has two sides. If we don’t regenerate enough, we not only overload our muscles, but also our nervous system. The consequences are exhaustion, lack of drive and concentration problems. Added to this are sleep disorders, weight gain and joint and muscle pain. With our diagnostics and effective exercises, we calm the nervous system and reduce stress throughout the body.

How we determine the body’s ability to regenerate

Heart Rate Variability

We all know this: when our computer starts to slow down and freeze up, we run system diagnostics. The operating system is checked, and a solution is suggested. Afterwards the computer runs more efficiently and effectively. Our autonomic nervous system (ANS) is our body’s operating system and drives all processes such as heartbeat, digestion, breathing and much more. Constant stress, poor nutrition and too little or too much exercise put a strain on our ANS and are the cause of many chronic illnesses. With heart rate variability we are able to quantify the bodies stress level and find the best treatment strategy for you.


Breathing plays a crucial role in regeneration by delivering oxygen to cells and aiding in the removal of waste products. Proper breathing enhances circulation, supports cellular repair, and helps the body recover more efficiently after physical exertion or stress. Techniques like deep breathing can promote relaxation, reducing stress and supporting overall regeneration processes in the body.

Our services for Regeneration

  • Intermittent Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Osteopathy