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Our Team

Get to know who we are and how we tick - we look forward to meeting you!

Our Practice

In our private practice for physical therapy and Heilpraktiker in Düsseldorf Derendorf we have two treatment rooms, changing rooms (one with a shower) and a training erea.

About Me

Michael Boettcher

Grown up in Florida, I was already a sports fanatic as a child and was able to achieve athletic success during my time at college as an athlete and wrestling. I am always fascinated by the perfect interaction of body, mind and soul and how to actively influence it through targeted training.

My role models are Gray Cook, the founder of the Functional Movement System, and Mark Versteegen, the American fitness expert who has already led the German national football team to success. At the age of 23, I came to Germany where I started my training as a physiotherapist at the Heinrich Heine University and successfully completed it in 2000. Since then I work as a physiotherapist and personal trainer.

Inspired by my American role models and based on my therapeutic training, I develop individual training programs that specifically target the weaknesses in the entire movement. In 2013, I founded American PT and realize my holistic training approach based on the American principle of the Functional Movement. In order to achieve optimal treatment and training successes, I have continued my education. Each person is individual, no body is the same. My personal claim is to find the right concept for everyone to enable him to live an active and pain-free life.


  • High school: Cross country, wrestling, track and field
  • College: Cross country
  • Since 2000 Physical Therapy
  • 2013 Sectoral Heilpraktiker for physical therapy
  • 2017 Heilpraktiker

Thomas Simons

My name is Thomas Simons, I was born in Düsseldorf in 1968.I joined the team of the physiotherapy practice American PT in 2019. In 2012 I acquired my qualifications as a medically certified (A) personal trainer, fitness trainer (B and C license) back school teacher, trainer for spinal gymnastics (CoreTraining), progressive muscle relaxation, autogenous training, running school trainer, Nordic walking trainer, sports and movement therapist in the orthopaedic area, since 2018 therapeutic climbing and bouldering are added. Since nutrition is very important, I also offer nutritional advice. I have always been very active in sports (triathlon, boxing, WT, climbing/bouldering and slacklining) and can therefore look back on 30 years of experience as a trainer and athlete. My focus is on functional training with TRX, Kettlebells and Clubbels. I am also active in rehabilitation sports as a trainer.

I am not only a personal trainer out of conviction, but I love my work, the direct contact with my clients, the goal-oriented solving of problems, the putting into the respective situation of my clients in the field of sports. For me, there is almost nothing greater than giving people back a bit of their quality of life!