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Our concept

Our concept

In our private practice, we see our therapy and training concept as an integral part of the standard medical structure while also offering alternative treatments.

The sums make the whole.

The three biggest contributors to good health are movement, nutrition, and regeneration. If one or more of these areas are out of balance the whole will not function properly. This is the basis for our concept which gives you the strategies and information you need to regain control of your health.

In our private practice, we see our therapeutic approaches and training concepts as a natural supplement and alternative to traditional medicine. Like a machine, each part of the body fulfills an important function in the overall process. Some parts burn fuel, others use it to do work and still others coordinate the whole. In the end, you will not only have a better quality of life, you, will also learn something about yourself and your body.

The three pillars of our practical work​


With the help of osteopathy, physical therapy, chiropractic, dry needling and functional training, we can restore the functionality of your body and help you regain your passion for life and your sense of well-being.


Food plays a central role in our lives. Not only does it provide our bodies with what we need to survive, but also plays a role in our emotional and social lives. That's why it's important to balance all three with the right foods for optimal health. Our approach looks at your current eating habits and works with you to develop a strategy for a healthy and satisfying diet.


Performance is like a coin; it has two sides. If we don't regenerate enough, we not only overload our muscles, but also our nervous system. The consequences are exhaustion, lack of drive and concentration problems. Added to this are sleep disorders, weight gain and joint and muscle pain. With our diagnostics and effective exercises, we calm the nervous system and reduce stress throughout the body.