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The American PT concept for runners regeneration

Posted on March 24, 2021 by Michael Boettcher

Winter is characterized by cold, early darkness and inconsistent weather conditions. These conditions often interfere with running training and force regular runners to take long breaks during the cold months. Whereas in summer long laps are performed after work, in the winter regeneration phase the focus is increasingly on short but effective runs and additional indoor training.

We have developed a sophisticated training plan to guide you through the winter months and treat minor instabilities from the previous season that can rob you of your strength and performance and in the long term lead to dysfunctions and injuries. In order to find and eliminate these dysfunctions, we pay increased emphasis on your breathing, movement and fitness.


Before we can move properly, we must breathe properly. Breathing gives us stability and at the same time guarantees full mobility. A dysfunctional breathing can cause painful tension and back pain. The result is pain, careful movement and lost training days. To avoid this, we work specifically on your breathing technique for more energy and performance.


Movement is the foundation of all sports. To move freely, we depend on mobility and stability. If any of these are missing, energy leaks occur. They rob us of a lot of strength and lead to unnecessary wear and tear of our joints and ligaments. With the so-called runner’s TÜV we can recognize injuries and dysfunctions and correct them with specific exercises.


In order to achieve optimal performance in training and competition, we need to be sufficiently fit. Running requires strength and stability in our posture, a lot of endurance to maintain this strength over several kilometers and explosive power when the finish line is in sight. During the quiet winter months, the focus for runners should therefore be on stabilizing the back and trunk muscles, so-called core training, functional and joint-gentle muscle building and fascial training to prevent shortening of the tendons and muscles in the legs.

  • First we treat all pain and movement restrictions (e.g. blockages) with
    Chiropractic, dry needling, fascial treatment and various physiotherapeutical
  • Next we test breathing, movement and fitness. In case of dysfunctions, corrective
    exercises offered.
  •  If we can‘t find any dysfunctions, we offer individual training, training plans and group training to prepare for the next season.

American PT will help you enjoy running again and optimize your performance so you can get back on track in spring.

Yours Michael Boettcher