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Reflexive Performance Reset – not only for competitive athletes

Posted on January 6, 2021 by Michael Boettcher

Reflexive Performance Reset, or RPR is more than just an ordinary therapy. It activates muscles that have a key function in our musculoskeletal system via certain reflex points. These key muscles give our body more support, bounce, energy and lead to more mobility in the long term. The Reflexive Performance Reset consists of different breathing exercises and the stimulation of certain nerves in the body, which help to increase the training success and prevent injuries.

When we are under constant stress and give our body little time to regenerate, it is inevitably put into stand-by mode. In this state, the body has little energy and performance is significantly reduced. Reflexive Performance Reset can help to bring the body back to its performance peak, reduce pain caused by compensating for poor posture, improve mobility and increase resistance to injury.

By activating specific reflex points that bring the body out of these damaging compensation patterns and targeted breathing exercises, the muscles can recover faster, you have more energy and are more resistant to stress. Whether you are a competitive athlete, an athlete or simply a sports enthusiast, the RPR concept is so simple and yet so promisingly designed that it can be implemented at any time. Just contact us!

Yours Michael Boettcher