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Nutritional advice

Posted on August 27, 2020 by Michael Boettcher

Food plays a central role in our lives, not only as a primary source of nutrition and energy for our body, but also for our soul and spirit. Like everything else in life, nutrition must always be in balance. Only in this way, we can maintain our physical and mental health.

As a naturopath, I occasionally reached my limits when it came to pain relief. Although the patients joints, muscles and the musculoskeletal system appeared to be fine after the treatment, some of them still complained about ongoing pain. Notably, it all came down to their body weight, which played a massive role in the outcome of the treatment. Obesity and joint wear and tear are directly related and reduce the effect of a therapeutic treatment, vitamin and mineral deficiency caused by an unbalanced and unhealthy diet als contribute to a negative outcome.

A blood test gave us the necessary answers and made me realize, that nutrition is an important part of the regenerative processes and has a direct impact on therapeutic treatments.
Other patients asked about the influence of nutrition on their wellbeing in terms of exhaustion, lack of energy and difficulties in concentrating. Despite being healthy from a medical point of view, they felt exhausted and often blamed it on their age or stressful lifestyle. Others, however, were aware of their poor diet and obesity, but did not know how to get out of their situation or Weren‘t motivated to start a diet. Often these patients also complained about digestive disorders and were looking for a holistic and natural solution to their problem.

Therefore I decided to attend a 14-month seminar on “Holistic nutritional counseling” for naturopaths and am now looking forward to expanding our treatment offers, adding a new and very important element of health-oriented applications within the practice: Nutritional advice

First we need to collect all the important data around you and create a profile, then we analyze your general eating habits, which you write down for a week in a kind of diary, and then we Are going to show you how you can optimize your nutrition and which foods you should keep your hands off in the future. Following your new diet plan, we can implement and maintain good eating habits for your future self. Our goal is to make you feel more energetic, joyful, Create a better Body image and reduce pain.