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Fueling your body with the good stuff, one meal at a time

Our Nutritional Concept

A healthy metabolism is an important factor for our longevity. It influences our health, cardiovascular system, and cognitive abilities. With the right diet, you can bring your body into balance for more vitality. We show you how to eat healthy and give you structure and strategies to feel your best.

Food plays a central role in our lives. It provides not only our body, but also the soul and the spirit with nutrients and energy. Like everything else in life, nutrition must remain in balance, which is the only way to achieve optimal health. Healthy eating has been proven to contribute to your health and fitness. In our practice, in addition to therapeutic treatments and personal training, we also offer nutritional counseling. So that you can master everyday life with more energy and zest for life.


With the new metabolic analysis we can determine the exact meta-type and then create an individual nutrition plan. At the beginning, we record all important data and create a profile. Then we analyze together the previous eating habits, which are recorded in a kind of diary over a period of seven days. Afterwards, we look together at where and how we can optimize your diet and which foods you’d better keep your hands off in the future. In this way, we can work together on good eating habits and change your diet in the long term.

Nutrition and therapy

Healthy nutrition not only affects your figure, it is also an essential part of a healthy and functioning musculoskeletal system. Even in the field of therapeutic applications, nutrition can become an important component. Especially when it comes to the joints, it is important to pay attention to a healthy diet and regular exercise. In general, it can be said that healthy nutrition has a positive effect on the treatment of pain through physiotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture or chiropractic applications.

Body in motion

In addition to metabolic analysis and nutritional counseling, we offer a variety of exercise options in our practice that can help with weight loss or musculoskeletal restrictions. Here, we pay special attention to the execution of fitness exercises that are easy on the joints. Our qualified staff will guide you through each exercise. We also have a wide range of training equipment and weights. These factors allow us to offer an individual and varied training and accompany you on your journey to a better and pain-free body.

Yours Michael Boettcher