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Massage – using pressure against pain

Posted on October 28, 2020 by Michael Boettcher

Many of our patients come to our practice with muscle tension and pain resulting from it. Massages can help in this case. It is not without reason that massages are among the oldest known therapeutic treatments: The pressure on or rubbing over the tense area influences the tense condition of the muscles and fasciae, promotes blood circulation and relieves pain.

In our practice for physiotherapy we offer the following massage techniques:

  • Traditional massage: relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, relieves pain, improves posture and helps restore physical balance
  • Leg massage for runners: Improves performance and efficiency, prevents fatigue injuries, increases running speed, reduces muscle soreness after the run and accelerates recovery time and regeneration
  • Fascial massage: loosens the fasciae (connective tissue) so that the body is not pulled into a bad posture, reduces pulling and radiating pain, improves mobility, reduces muscle tension, positively influences the musculoskeletal system
  • Lymphatic drainage: Helps to remove swelling and water retention, improves mobility by reducing joint swelling, reduces recurrent spinal blockages, activates the autonomic nervous system, promotes regeneration

Conclusion: Massages can be helpful for a variety of muscle or joint pains and in the best case are performed by a trained physiotherapist. With the help of these techniques we can free you from pain, treat or prevent injuries and correct your posture – for a life full of mobility and without pain.

Yours Michael Boettcher