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Homeoffice – risks and side effects

Posted on November 4, 2020 by Michael Boettcher

Due to the ongoing pandemic, more and more people are being forced to work from home, but not everyone has an ergonomic workplace available. People often work at the kitchen table or on the sofa and often lack the time or motivation for compensatory movement after work or during breaks. Especially in the dark season, when it is already dark outside after work, many people find it difficult to get enthusiastic about exercise and sports. Instead, they make themselves comfortable on the sofa with a bag of chips.

From a medical point of view, these factors can in the long term promote physical complaints such as tension in the neck and shoulder area and headaches or lead to pathological obesity and associated chronic cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, lack of exercise and an ergonomically inappropriate sitting position can increase the potential for musculoskeletal disorders. Through a prophylactic posture, the respiratory muscles tense up, breathing becomes shallower, we feel tired and exhausted and have difficulty concentrating.

Anyone who wants to prevent this should therefore provide for compensatory exercise in their free time. True to the motto “if you rest, you rust”, even small units of one hour per week can provide sufficient mobilization and relaxation. In our practice for physiotherapy and personal training, we offer not only classic physiotherapeutic applications but also an extensive portfolio of holistic training with a focus on joint-sparing movement sequences and medical muscle building.

We recognize and treat dysfunctions so that you can work in your home office in a relaxed and pain-free manner. Say goodbye to pain and make an appointment today.

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