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EMS- intense, effective and time-saving

Posted on March 17, 2021 by Michael Boettcher

What is EMS?

Electrical muscle stimulation (or EMS) is a new training method in which the muscles are made to tense up by electrical impulses. A special suit equipped with electrodes directs the impulses to the specific muscle groups and causes them to contract. This principle, in contrast to normal training, allows deeper lying muscles to be accessed. Sports scientists and physiotherapists use this method to build up strength, increase performance or to recover after an injury.


How does EMS work?

With every movement we make in everyday life, the brain sends a command to tense the corresponding muscles by means of bioelectric impulses. During EMS training, this principle is amplified many times over, meaning that the muscles are put under much greater tension. Various training modules can be used to train individual muscle groups or stimulate the metabolic process. When used regularly, this time-saving and highly effective whole-body training does not only have a positive effect on general fitness and performance, but can also strengthen the back muscles in a targeted manner. The skin and connective tissue also benefit from EMS training. The contractions stimulate the blood circulation and thus demonstrably reduce cellulite.


How often is training performed?

Only twenty minutes of EMS training per week are sufficient to achieve training success. The pulse strength can be gradually adjusted according to the fitness level. To increase the training effect, we combine conventional training with weights or TRX bands with EMS training in a wireless suit. This allows freedom of movement and expands the training possibilities a lot.


What are the advantages of EMS-Training?

EMS-Training is versatile and is particularly suitable for strengthening back muscles, which are often neglected in everyday life. It can also be used to eliminate muscular imbalances. Through targeted training of the deep muscles, EMS-Training loosens tension and stimulates blood circulation. This in turn strengthens the connective tissue and ensures a finer skin texture – and all this with only 20 minutes of training per week.

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