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Cold season – defying the weather with exercise and nutrition

Posted on December 9, 2020 by Michael Boettcher

The winter period is characterised by cold weather and little sunlight and tugs at our energy.
Warm clothing and long walks outside are good for health and general well-being. If you want to protect yourself against colds in winter, you should pay particular attention to a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. In our practice for alternative medicine and physiotherapy we offer a wide range of possibilities for exercise and relaxation as well as nutritional advice. Defy the cold weather and say goodbye to your cold!

The right diet is essential

Food plays a central role in our lives. It supplies not only our body, but also the soul and spirit with nutrients and energy. Like everything else in life, nutrition must remain in balance, only in this way can optimal health be achieved. Especially during the cold season, you should pay more attention to your vitamin intake to strengthen your immune system. The body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D. In the winter months, the daily sunshine hours are few and often there is no opportunity to use these few hours for outdoor activities. The consequences are: Exhaustion, lack of drive or concentration problems. With our nutritional advice tips, we help you to bring your health and your diet back into balance.

Exercise is the key to optimal health

Regular exercise is not only good for our musculoskeletal system, but also stimulates the metabolism. This in turn leads to increased performance and, in the long term, to more energy. Movement is therefore essential for health. Physical processes such as digestion, circulation and respiration are strengthened – and ultimately so is the immune system. With the special personal training in our physiotherapy practice, we combine ambitious training with the latest scientific findings from sports and movement medicine. With your personal training goal in mind and a mobility test, problems are recognised and corrected, mobility is improved and fitness is increased.

Relaxed through the day

When it comes to strengthening the immune system, relaxation is an important part of our health, along with exercise and nutrition. Stress and lack of exercise can lead to muscle tension and attack our immune system. With massages, we release all forms of tension in the muscles. In this way, we help you with tension pains and at the same time stimulate the blood circulation and metabolism. The immune system is activated and cold viruses have no chance.

If you have any questions about nutritional advice, personal training or massages, please call us or make an appointment via our website.

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