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CMD – Jaw problems

Posted on December 16, 2020 by Michael Boettcher

What is CMD?

CMD (Craniomandibular Dysfunction) stands for a dysfunction of the skull and lower jaw and is an umbrella term for a variety of problems that can occur in the jaw joint or the chewing muscles. Symptoms include dizziness, pain in the head, jaw or neck, and even tinnitus. Stress, a faulty bite, accident-related head trauma or postural weaknesses are among the triggers of CMD. Since not only the causes but also the symptoms of CMD can be varied, it is often only recognised very late or often not at all. The patient is then plagued with pain for months or years and is limited in his or her physical and mental performance.

How can CMD be treated?

The treatment of CMD by a physiotherapist is coordinated with a dentist. The dentist prepares a functional analysis after examining the patient. The analysis forms the basis for treatment by the physiotherapist. Of course, each treatment is individual and is adapted to the respective patient and his or her complaints. However, there are basic treatment methods that the physiotherapist can use in the course of a CMD treatment. 

How can the physiotherapist help with CMD?

As part of the holistic healing concept, physiotherapy uses massage and stretching techniques to help relieve muscular tension and improve posture overall. First, the physiotherapist takes an anamnesis of the patient, in which the condition of the tissue, muscles, skin and musculoskeletal system is determined. The cervical spine in particular is examined, as problems in this area are often associated with CMD. Depending on the findings, the physiotherapeutic treatment is then adapted. Remedial techniques such as chiropractic and dry needling can also help with CMD. In this way, we restore the correct, pain-free function of the jaw in our physiotherapy practice and free you permanently from your pain.

Yours Michael Boettcher