Welcome to American PT

A life full of performance, flexibility and without pain!

This is our goal of American PT – with holistic treatment concepts from physiotherapy, alternative medicine, personal training and nutrition. We work with the latest methods, with a highly trained team – and always with a smile.

Your Goal

A life free of pain

When we have chronic pain it becomes an ever increasing stress in our daily life. It restricts and weights us down in our jobs and free time preventing us from enjoying our quality of life. Our goal at American PT is to take your pain and give you a life back. By using techniques like chiropractic, dry needling and corrective exercises we bring function back to the body and reduce the stress load which causes pain. That way you can enjoy more energy and the pleasures of life.

Fit is the new skinny

A great figure should not be reduced to the summer months but throughout the year. Not only does our training improve your physical condition and energy level but also helps you feel good about your body. We want to help you fit back in to your favorite pair of jeans, get your body back to its figure before the pregnancy or look your best while enjoying your recreational activities.

Strong and powerful:

Training is good for us- health oriented training is even better. Whether you want more power for competition or just building muscle, we’ll make sure that you get the best possible training while reducing the potential for injury. This is done with the Functional Movement Screen which exposes your weak points and gives the priorities in which to will start your program. We’ll show you how to get your muscles activated with Reflexive Performance Reset and with Kettlebells, Powerplate, EMS or TRX (just to name a few) integrate all parts of the body to work as a team increasing your performance.