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In our private practice in Düsseldorf we use natural methods
of treatment in order to release blocked energy and return balance to the body. The advantages are an improved quality of life with fully functioning body.

What is Heilpraktik?

A Heilpraktiker or naturopath works with natural medicine in order to induce the self-healing abilities of the body. This is a break from traditional medicine which prescribes pharmaceutical chemicals in order to keep the statusque. In our practice we concern ourselves with the free flow of body’s different energies. With a variety of techniques, like chiropractic, dry needling and fascial treatment we remove the blockages that restrict our natural energy flow. This approach works hand in hand with physical therapy which will rehabilitate the body and make it more resilient.

Why Hielpraktik?

When treating the body, we have the choice to treat the symptoms or the cause. Its our goal to find the cause of the symptoms and remove them in order to have long term relief. This reduces the chance of have to go through an operation or taking unnecessary medication and side effects. The best part is that our therapies cause no side effects. All the while you get strait answers to what we are doing and learn about your body and how to take an active role in your health.

When do I need a Heilpraktiker?

When there are blockages in our joints, muscles or fascia our body’s energy can’t flow and we fell this as pain and have restrictions in our movement. As Heilpraktiker we release these blockages with techniques that free the pathways for the energy to flow. This relieves the pain and restores proper movement.

The tools of a Heilpraktiker

In our practice, we offer many possibilities to help reduce your pain
without the need for shots, medication or operation.


By using certain trained techniques a chiropractor will release the blockages especially in the spine in order to restore range of motion

Dry Needling

Also known as western acupuncture we use sterile acupuncture needles to release triggerpoints (muscle knots) or joints in order to increase the motion range.


Fascia are sheets of connective tissue, which can be found throughout the whole body, connect everything with each other and keep your muscles and organs in place. It’s not uncommon for fascia to stick together or to become tense and shorten. This can cause direct or indirect pain. With our tested methods we are able to restore the fascia to a state of flexibility which reduces stress and relives pain.

Reflexive Performance Reset

RPR is a completely new way of treatment. The body is supported by a few key muscles which can deactivate and cause instability in our posture. Instead of treating the muscle itself, we use reflex points to activate the connection between the nervous system and a muscle. This treatment makes your body more resilient and gives you more power.